Uncomfortable Truth About Dane Cook And Kelsi Taylor’s 27-year Age Gap

However, his humor has faced criticism from fellow comedians like Ron White, who has accused him of lacking material and having an inflated ego. Jim Breuer has also highlighted Cook’s reputation within the comedy industry, with no comedians coming to his defense on his Sirius radio show. And while marriage can change some people, Dane believes his new union will alter his jokes in a good way. Their relationship has, unsurprisingly, raised eyebrows from various corners of the internet, but the pair are so confident in their love story that they’re even happy joking about it at their own expense. Kelsi is a multi-talented person as she is a singer and Pilates instructor.

Dane Cook is a groomer

News during the Oct. 4 premiere of his new special. “And she was like, ‘Keep that in. I think that part will be great.’ There’s even some fun at our own expense.” She performed background vocals for Grammy nominees like Demi Lovato and Little Big Town. You can find out her music video on her YouTube channel.

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Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor’s relationship ‘found a lot of growth’ during quarantine

Kelsi posted the photo of her looking shocked at the ring on her Instagram. The fact that the couple had been together for, as Cook said, “almost two years” implies they got together at some point in 2017. If the birthday that is listed for her online is correct, she will have turned 18 on October 26, 2016. “Wow as a teen I had a crush on him, little did I know that I actually had a chance with him…” one user wrote.

Dane Cook and Girlfriend Kelsi Taylor’s Relationship Timeline

While age gaps are fine (lots of happy, healthy couples have huge age gaps!), the timing is just making everyone feel icky. By now, Dane’s relationship with Pilates instructor Kelsi Taylor is infamous across the internet for their large age gap and the fact they began dating when Kelsi was just 18 years old. “Fiancé has a nice ring to it,” she captioned the post. A couple weeks ago, Dane got on one knee and asked me to be his wife and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment. Now the two have been continuing their lives and planning their wedding like nothing happened, but Cook recently said he’ll be addressing everyone’s comments — but only on his upcoming special. Years earlier, Cook spoke openly about how he and Taylor met each other at one of his game nights.

What aspect of Dane’s relationship did he bring to the stage? “We have a bit of an age difference, so it’s in the show, it’s in the show,” he noted. “If we can’t laugh at it, then nobody else is allowed.” “I think it’ll change it in the way that I would always hope growing up with a generation of comedy fans,” Cook continued.

Cook starred in the poorly received small-town heist drama “Guns, Girls and Gambling” in 2013 as well as the little-seen straight-to-DVD desert-based art heist thriller “American Exit” in 2019. He also appeared among the ensemble cast of “400 Days,” a psychological thriller about deep-space astronauts losing their grip on reality. It earned horrible reviews and just $391 at the box office.

Dane Cook claims he’s ‘dated some very empowered women’

The comments on her post were limited, likely to avoid backlash from judgemental people. Many celebs congratulated Cook on the news, and he hasn’t directly addressed the backlash at this point. “Dane Cook picking up girls who only know him as a voice in Disney’s Planes franchise,” joked another user. “The love of my life is now my fiancé(e)!” he tweeted.

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There are usually many dating news and scandals surrounding famous celebrities. The most frequently asked questions are, is Dane Cook single or dating, and who is Dane Cook’s girlfriend? We are here to clear how to cancel Cougar Life account up and debunk dating rumors surrounding Dane’s love life and girlfriends. The 51-year-old American comedian is dating Kelsi Taylor now. Dane Cook remains relatively discreet when it comes to his love life.

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