Are Grimes And Elon Musk Married? The Eccentric Couple’s Relationship Explained

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Clearly, Grimes and Elon were able to quickly connect on an intellectual level. They went public with their relationship at the 2018 Met Gala, where they walked the red carpet together for the first time. However,Page Six reported that they had already been “quietly dating” for a few weeks at that point. After meeting casting director Kelsey Mayfield on the set of Friday Night Lights, the twosome tied the knot in 2013.

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Grimes released another new song titled “Player of Games,” which seemingly referenced Musk and the couple’s split. “I’m in love with the greatest gamer / But he’ll always love the game more than he loves me,” went one lyric. Another verse hinted at the billionaire’s interest in space travel with the line, “Sail away to the cold expanse of space / Even love couldn’t keep you in your place.” Kim Kardashian shared an Instagram photo of Grimes and Musk at her family’s annual Christmas party in December 2019.

The songwriter told Vanity Fair that she and Musk welcomed a baby girl named Exa Dark Siderael three months prior with the help of a surrogate. “I would probably refer to him as my boyfriend, but we’re very fluid,” she said of their relationship status at the time. “We live in separate houses. We just have our own thing going on, and I don’t expect other people to understand.”

In July 2019, Palicki filed for divorce and later requested to dismiss the filing. Chandler, who played beloved father figure Coach Taylor on the sports drama, married Kathryn Macquarrie in 1995. And while anger and disbelief is absolutely appropriate here, because … girl wtf … I’d already been down this road with Miss Boucher. All I could do was lean forward, pinch my nose, and sigh, wishing I’d never seen it in the first place. Believe it or not, Grimes used to be a really big deal for people my age, and watching her “fall from grace” has been difficult to watch. A few days ago, Grimes (née Claire Boucher) was trending on Twitter again, and I felt a familiar pit in my stomach.

On the evening of May 4, Musk announced on Twitter that the baby was born, saying “Mom & baby all good.” In follow-up tweets, Musk wrote that the couple had a baby boy. One Twitter user asked Musk the name of their child, to which he responded, “X Æ A-12 Musk.” In May 2018, shortly before the annual Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Page Six reported that the pair had been “quietly dating” for a few weeks. The report announced that the couple planned to attend the Met Gala together, and that they had been tweeting at each other for a few months. Claire Boucher, better known by her stage name, Grimes, is a Canadian singer and producer. She’s also an outspoken advocate for female artists and their treatment by the press and music industry.

Both Musk and Grimes have an interest in 13th-century Mongol ruler Genghis Khan, whose DNA can be traced to millions of descendants living today. A 2015 New Yorker article about Grimes said she had a “complicated fixation” on him, while Musk himself said in a New York Times story from 2020 that she seemed to be “obsessed” with Khan and the Mongols. But the move to Texas appeared to put a strain on their relationship. In September 2021, Musk told Page Six that he and Grimes were “semi-separated” but still loved each other and were on great terms. “It’s mostly that my work at SpaceX and Tesla requires me to be primarily in Texas or traveling overseas and her work is primarily in LA,” he said at the time.

And while speaking about another role she would like to play, the actress shared her truth with fans on Twitter. Speaking this week, Christine – who shares three children; twins Penelope and Leo, and Felicity with Paddy – also confirmed she wants to put herself back on the dating market this year. He called it the “best music video art I’ve seen in a while”.

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Canadian musician Grimes and Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk have had their first child together. He was also married — twice — to “Westworld” actress Talulah Riley. They reconciled a year later, remarried in 2013 and divorced again in 2016. She recently revealed that welcoming her baby with Musk has opened her up to a whole new world of creativity. “We are semi-separated but still love each other, see each other frequently and are on great terms,” Musk told us.

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“My stepdad is Hindu and never had meat, so it was very easy for me growing up; there would always be vegan food around,” she told Teen Vogue in 2016. “Elon was researching the idea of joking about Rococo Basilisk, and when he saw Grimes had already joked about it, he reached out to her,” a source said. “Grimes said this was the first time in three years that anyone understood the joke. They were both poking fun at AI.”